Head: Ida Boldur Ph. D.
The Division of Laboratory Medicine is devoted to the study of body fluids including blood, for the diagnosis and management of disease and for the understanding of the mechanism of its pathogenesis. 

The Division comprises the various clinical laboratories and also basic and applied research, including supervision and teaching of postgraduate students and residents.

Director:  Yitzhak Katz MD
Senior Lecturer, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
Tel:  08-9779820, Fax : 08-9779821

The laboratory is part of the Unit of Allergy and Immunology (Division of Internal Medicine) and performs special and research investigations: C1 inhibitor , (antigenic), functional C1 inhibitor, Sweat test analysis, specific antibody assays, complement and other proteins biosynthesis in tissue culture.

Director: Judith Sandbank M.D.
Telefax:  08-9779801

The laboratory provides diagnostic services in: 1) Surgical Pathology, aided by histochemistry and  immunohistochemistry; 2) Cytology, performing FNA from solid tissue masses and from body fluids; 3) Postmortem investigations.
The main research activities are in the fields of Hematopathology; Breast pathology and Uro-pathology.

Director:  Zehava Chen-Levy, Ph.D., DABCC (Diplomat of the American Board of  Clinical Chemistry).
Tel:  08-9779897, Fax:  08-9779898

The laboratory provides integrative, interdisciplinary services including the following activities: Stat Lab, Routine  Biochemistry, Immunology, Endocrinology, Pharmacology and Nutrition.
The main research fields are: effect of drugs on red blood cells enzymes, auto immunity and auto antibodies, biochemical markers of myocardial injury, and osteoporosis.

Director:  Naomi Rahimi-Levene, M.D.
Instructor, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University
Tel:  08-9779760  Fax: 08-9779772

The blood bank provides blood components (red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate and platelet concentrates). Pretransfusion blood group and antibody screens are performed. Antibodies to blood groups are identified and the phenotypes
is determined. The laboratory receives blood donations including autologous blood. Additional activities include hepatitis screening. Special interests include polyagglutination of red blood cells.

The laboratory is an integral part of the Institute of Gastroentrology, Hepatology and Nutrition, (Division of Internal Medicine); Director:  Prof. E. Scapa.
Laboratory manager:  Valery Morozov, M.D., Ph.D.
Tel:  08-9779729, Fax:  9779727

The laboratory performs various tests for the evaluation of malabsorption, pancreatic insufficiency and immunological tests for patients with other digestive diseases; breath tests (Helicobacter pylori, lactase deficiency, bacterial overgrowth, etc.), and tests for the functional status of non parenchymal cells of the liver.

Director: K. Fried. MD., Ph.D.
Professor, Sackler School of Medicine Tel Aviv University
Tel:  08-9779647

The laboratory of genetics is part of the Institute of Genetics; Main activities: 
1 - Cytogenetics: blood and bone marrow tests for chromosomal anomalies
2 - Prenatal diagnosis of cytogenetic anomalities
Special interest: The epidemiology of Huntington disease.

Director: Shoshana Peller, Ph.D.
Instructor, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
Tel:  08-9779766, Fax:  9779772

The laboratory is an integral part of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Bank 
(Division of Internal Medicine); Director: Dr. A. Kornberg.

The laboratory provides routine hematology tests including blood counts, routine and specialized coagulation analysis, tests for hemolytic diseases, serology of autoimmune diseases and lymphocyte functions.

The laboratory performs also special tests for diagnosis, classification and follow up of leukemias and lymphomas: cytochemistry, immunophenotyping by flow cytometry,, cell cycle analysis and molecular biology.

The laboratory is part of the Division Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Director: Prof. R. Ronel
Director:  Ida Boldur, Ph.D.
Senior lecturer, Bar Ilan University, Ramath Gan.
Tel-Fax: 08-9779865
E-mail: ,

The microbiology service is primarily concerned with the recovery and identification of microorganisms (aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, parasites, fungi) from a variety of body specimens.
The immunology - serology service evaluates the response to infections agents (bacteria, parasites,  viruses & ricketsiae) by detecting specific antibodies.
National Reference Laboratory: Gonorrhea.
Special interest: Laboratory diagnosis of Legionella, Chlamydia and Mycoplasma.
Detection of Legionella in water samples, including complete identification, (unique in Israel).

  • Rapid methods for recognition of microorganisms, antigen or nucleic acid detection. 
  • Research: Microbial adherence; Respiratory tract infections.
    Director:  Yigal Soffer, M.D.
    Senior Lecturer, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
    Tel:  08-9779690. Fax:  08-9779691

    The laboratory is part of the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology including an outpatient male infertility clinic, and a licensed sperm bank. It is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of the male factor in couple infertility.
    Special interests are: Sperm morphology defects; Varicocele; Antisperm autoantibodies detection; Sperm washing techniques for intra-uterine insemination; Sperm egg interaction (Hemizona-assay, sperm egg fusion, acrosome reaction; Extensive sperm search in cryptozoospermia; Epididymal and testicular sperm retrieval techniques; Sperm heterologous and autologous cryopreservation (seminal and surgically retrieved sperm).

    Director: Joshua Weisgarten M.D.
    Lecturer, Sackler School of Medicine Tel Aviv University
    Tel:  08-9779382/3, Fax:  08-9779705

    The laboratory is part of the Dept. of Nephrology (Division of Internal Medicine) Routine nephrological work up includes: quality control of dialysis: KT/V, PCR; Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (incl. Al.+++, Cu++, Zm++, etc);
    Calculi analyses; Cystine determination; Urinalysis.
    Research interest: cardiocyte cell culture. ANP response to Angiotensin II in various situations; Mesangial cell response in culture: IL 6 production, Endothelin production, influence of uninephrectomy or high protein diet in hypertension and uremia; 
    Effects of diuretics on kidney electrolytes. Metabolic effects of ACEi. Intracellular concentration of trace metals (Zn++, Cu++) in patients with uremia or with CHF, etc. Inter-relationship between salt intake and progression of renal failure. 

    Gad M. Gilad, Ph.D.
    Telefax: 08-9779034
    E-mail: il

    Main research subjects: Molecular mechanisms in nerve cell death; 
    Neurochemical correlates of the response to stress.

    Micha Rapoport, M.D.
    Tel: o8-9779268
    Lecturer, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

    The laboratory is an integral part of the Diabetes Unit, (Division of Internal Medicine). Main research subjects: p21 ras signaling pathways. Signal transduction and immunology of Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

    Affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine,
    Tel Aviv University

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