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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, one of the largest hospitals in Israel, is an 800 bed facility, providing comprehensive medical services to a population of over 372,000 people in Central Israel. On a 60 acre campus, located only 15 km from Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport, the hospital cares for a relatively large number of tourists offering pleasant and peaceful modern facilities and the very best in Western Medicine.

The Medical Center provides all the major services of a modern medical facility for a complete medical care package. Open heart surgery and irradiation therapy are provided in conjunction with neighboring hospitals. Year round 24-hour emergency services, intensive care, general medical, surgical, cardiac, pediatric, neonatal, gynecological and obstetric medical services as well as ambulatory psychiatric services are available.

The hospital is an academic teaching facility and is part of the Tel Aviv University Sackler Faculty of Medicine. All the clinical wards are accredited for specialist training by the Academic Council Of The Israel Medical Association.

The first and largest Academic Nursing School and the oldest School of Physiotherapy in Israel are located on the hospital grounds.

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  In 1997 the Medical Center:

  Admitted 52,229 patients in our regular departments.
  32,144 patients were seen in our special Day Care Facilities.
  128,000 people passed through our Emergency Department

  270,000 patients were treated in our Consultative Out Patient Clinics

  6,054 babies were born.

  Approximately 20,000 operations and procedures are performed
    in our 15 Operating Theaters.

  Over 2,700 people are employed on part time and full time basis

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The Medical Center is named after "Assaf The Physician" who was the author of the oath for Jewish Physicians written some 1,500 years ago. Our Medical Center is dedicated to the spirit of this great physician.

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center was once used as a military hospital serving a British Army camp before the creation of the State of Israel. Its first known existence was in 1918 when the British conquered land from the Turks during the First World War. With the declaration of the Independence of Israel, the hospital was converted into an Israeli medical facility. Since that time, the Medical Center has played a major role for the citizens of the area, from having been the National Center for victims of Polio during the 50's to being rated as one of the top medical and teaching facilities in Israel today.

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Affiliated to the Sackler Faculty of Medicine,
Tel Aviv University

E-MAIL : assaf@netguide.co.il

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